Tramadol FAQ

Drugs That Tramadol Can Possibly Interact With

The following is a list of drugs that can be used alongside with Tramadol:
• Alcohol
• Carbamazepine
• Cyclobenzaprine
• Dextromethorphan
• Digoxin
• Linezolid
• Drowsiness related medications like:
o Antipsychotic medications
o Anxiety medications
o Most antidepressants
o Narcotic pain relievers
o Sleep medications
o Some antihistamines
• Promethazine
• Quinidine
• Sibutramine
• St. John’s wort
• Triptans
• Tryptophan
• Warfarin.

In A Case Of Taking An Overdose Of Tramadol, What Should I Do?

Seek immediate medical attention in the event that you take too much of Tramadol as the consequence may be grievous.

In Case I Miss A Dose Of Tramadol, What Should Be The Next Step?

Even if you miss a dose of Tramadol, always observe this rule: make sure the interval between your doses is not less four hours.

Abuse Tendency of Tramadol

Morphine is known to be abused most time and so is Tramadol since that possess similar effect. Tramadol makes its users physically and psychologically dependant on it. This is one reason for it being sold by prescription in most places.

The abuse of Tramadol is linked to the fact that many people sometimes acquire it through illegal means such as buying without doctor’s prescription from online pharmacies and from foreign retailers.

Taking Tramadol Involves What?

It is important to read this section carefully as provides vital things one needs to know about using Tramadol.

• Tramadol can be personally administered in its tablet form. Taking it as needed is most times allowed but the interval between two doses should not be less than four hours.
• Doses of Tramadol should not be rushed. Patients should increase the number of tablets in each dose gradually over time.
• Taking Tramadol with or without food is generally not harmful but if in your case, you experience stomach upset after a dose, then take subsequent doses during meals.
• Avoid alcohol if you are taking Tramadol.
• For maximum effectiveness, take Tramadol according to doctor’s prescription. Always seek you healthcare approval before adjusting your doses. Avoid withdrawal symptoms by not suddenly putting an end to your Tramadol treatment before the time given.

Can Tramadol Be Found In Generic Medication Form?

Yes, you can find Tramadol in generic form. It goes with the name Generic Ultram.

Who Are The Manufacturers Of Tramadol?

Janssen Ortho, LLC manufactured Brand-name Tramadol which is included in Generic Ultram. Its marketing is handled by Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. there are also some pharmaceutical companies that manufature different generic versions of Tramadol.

How Can I Store Tramadol?

Keep Tramadol from moisture or excess heat. Tramadol tablets in a room temperature will not diminished in effectiveness. Keep Tramadol in places where pets , children and other people that may abuse it cannot get to.

Tramadol Is Available In What Strength Currently?

Tramadol 50 mg is the only current available strength of the drug.

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